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You Can Drink Potato Juice, And Here's Why You Should!

A few years, I came across several posts on Instagram describing the astounding nutritional benefits that come from raw potato juice. I figured the universe might be trying to tell me something and I'm usually always down to try anything new, so I figured I would give it a go. 

Potatoes are an excellent source of vitamin C and high in carbohydrates, potassium, manganese, calcium, iron and fiber when eaten. In fact, one potato provides about half your daily need of vitamin C and vitamin B6, and 18% of your daily need of iron and niacin, with an added seven grams of protein. Raw potato juice has healing, detoxifying, anti-fungal, and de-acidifying properties and help relieve bloat and constipation. Our digestive systems are constantly working hard to break down food and use all the vitamins and nutrients our bodies need, it's important to not only drink our veggies giving our digestive systems a rest but to constantly do a little maintenance and give our digestive systems LOVE! After all, 70% of our immunity lives in our's essential to strengthen our digestive organs!

In fact, during World War I a group of German Soldiers were forced to live on a diet consisting only of raw potatoes. It was found that the soldiers suffering from gastric disorders found their symptoms relieved and cured. After the war, Dr. J.F Mageral started to treat patients that suffered from digestive and gastric issues using raw potato juice and after just 10 days of treatment, the patients showed no symptoms of gastric issues! AMAZING!

Picking the Perfect Potato:

The richer the color, the better. For my first time juicing a potato I juiced a white russet potato, but I think next time I will try juicing a red potato.

Find firm potatoes with "eyes." That's right, find potatoes that look like they have eyes means they are alive with enzymes, and are ready to sprout. The prime juicing potato is firm without black spots, and without green spots.

Important Potato Juice Fact:

-It is important to continuously stir your potato juice after juicing and drink it right away! You might notice a white, silky paste that forms at the bottom of the juice (you can see it in my picture below). This is where ALL of the nutritional benefits - detoxification and anti-fungal properties live in the potato juice so it's important to continuously mix it in to your juice!

Potato Juice Recipe:

*Raw potato juice can be an acquired taste so suitable combination veggies are carrots and celery.


4 white russet potatoes (or red potatoes)

4 celery sticks washed and cut

8 carrots

1 green granny smith apple


-Wash and dry vegetables

-Depending on the strength of your juice, cut vegetables as needed


-Mix well, remember to stir in the white paste


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Oct 26, 2022

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