Eleni Simos

the CLEAN EATING chick

meet the CLEAN EATING chick

Eleni Simos is a certified Holistic Health Coach and plant based chef. Known as "The Clean Eating Chick," she is dedicated to educating people on the importance of healthier habits, self-love and a positive mindset for optimal health.

Eleni’s passion for wellness came early on. When she learned about the direct relationship between lifestyle choices and health through reading and documentaries, she made the conscious decision to “eat clean,” avoiding harmful ingredients, animal products and toxic skin care products.

When her mother was diagnosed with colon cancer, she knew her passion of health and wellness became her calling. It grew from a personal practice to something she needed to share with the world.

She graduated from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in 2014, and began working with clients ranging from issues of weight gain and inflammation. She then went on to study vegan culinary arts at the Plant Lab academy in New York City.

Through social media, personalized meal plans and one on one coaching, Eleni has encouraged men and women to take back control of their health; find happiness in eating healthy and embrace a lifestyle of abundance and positive thinking.



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