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Holistic Health + Nutritional Consultation

So, you want to make a lifestyle change but you’re not sure just how or where to begin? Eleni can work with you to design a nutritional program that helps you achieve your health and wellness goals through a whole foods, mind, body and soul approach. Accompanied with a customized meal plan,  and weekly check-ins and more, Eleni will help you get to the root cause of your health issues and help you heal from the inside out, once and for all! 

Personalized 21 Day Meal Plan

Don’t we all want someone to just tell us what to eat, how to cook it, and why it’s good for us? Eleni will work closely with you to create a personalized 21 Day Meal Plan designed just for you! She will design recipes, and provide you with all you need to know about healing foods, health, wellness and happiness alongside delicious, easy to make recipes.

Grocery Store Tour

The hardest part of making healthier choices can be the trips to the grocery store. We all want to eat healthier, make better choices and save a dollar or two but we may not know where to start! Navigating through each aisle, wondering which product is healthier, tastier, and cheaper can be difficult and overwhelming. Join Eleni as she will walk you through your local health food store to show you the tips and tricks on how to shop for your health, teach you all the grocery store hacks, and help you shop on a budget to jumpstart your transition to a healthier life. 

Refrigerator Renewals

Making healthier choices is easier when healthy foods are our options available at home. The refrigerator renewal session allows for clients to begin the journey of health and wellness by getting rid of the unhealthy foods from their refrigerator and cabinets. During this renewal process, Eleni will discuss the damaging effects of processed and packaged foods, and allow clients to see for themselves the impact ingredients have on their overall wellbeing. 

  *Usually accompanied by a Grocery Store Tour afterwards

CLEANSED. 3-Day Juice Detox Program

Increase your fruit and vegetable intake, reset your digestive system and heal from in the inside out. Eleni will work with you to create a juice menu tailored specifically for you. During the cleanse, the juices will help you target and achieve your health and wellness goals. 

Private Cooking Lesson

So, you’ve got all the basics down. You know how to shop, you know what’s healthy and what’s not - but now, to put all of that knowledge to use in the kitchen. Eleni will teach you in a private, one on one setting in the comfort of your home and show you just how simple, nutritious and delicious clean eating can be. Alongside the lesson, Eleni will discuss the importance of clean eating, and discuss powerful food groups that can jumpstart your road to health and healing. She will walk you through a step by step recipe, from start to presentation making you one step closer to a master chef in the kitchen.

Personalized Events

Eleni will work with you to create a unique experience for you, your friends or your family! Let’s host a healthy girls night in or a plant based brunch, the possibilities are endless and the best part is - Eleni will plan, coordinate and host alongside you to take some of the pressure off! 

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