Relieve Skin Irritations Naturally

HOW TO: Relieve Skin Irritations Naturally

During the winter months it's common for skin irritations to arise due to the dryness of the artificial heat in our homes. Most of us do not stay properly hydrated throughout the day, so our skin especially around our joints (knuckles and elbows) can become especially dry and cracked.

Aside from common skin irritations like eczema, skin allergies are increasing at an alarming rate. While majority of these allergens are arising because of the way the food is being grown and treated with untested pesticides. We must be diligent in getting to the root causes of these allergens since so few doctors or practitioners incorporate these methods in their practice.

There are several different types of skin irritations, and food allergies often become visible through the skin. Why? Our skin is our largest organ, anything we put onto is directly absorbed within twenty-six seconds and absorbed through the bloodstream. With the alarming amount of toxins we are faced with daily from toxic skin care products to make-up to deodorants - our skin is often the first to react. Once we grasp our important our skin is an organ, then we can understand how connected the rest of the body is.

Skin irritations can be caused due to improper digestion of certain foods, which can then leak out from the digestive tract and go directly into the blood stream. While this reaction is not supposed to happen, our bodies immediately react with antibodies to fight the unknown (in this case undigested food) and go on the attack.