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Keep It Clean (And Cruelty-Free) In The Bedroom!

Keep It Clean (And Cruelty-Free) In The Bedroom!

Keep it clean and cruelty-free in the bedroom! Gift you and your honey with a little something extra and condoms and plant based lubrication? 

Traditional brand name condoms contain harmful parabens, preservatives and chemicals that have been identified as hormone disrupters and can even increase the chance of developing uterine cancers. Store bought lubricants can also be just as dangerous as many of them contain glycerin. Similarly, lubricants that contain perfumes or scents may increase your risk of a urinary tract infection.

According to, two doctors from Dallas, Texas claim that the male condom can cause cancer in the woman. The culprit, they claim, is talc, an ingredient used on the surface of condoms. Studies have linked talc to ovarian cancer and to fibrosis on fallopian tubes, and can lead to infertility. These studies point out that the FDA has recognized the dangers when talc has been applied to surgical gloves, and so banned the practice, but still allowed the substance to be coated on condoms. 

Okay, so what can we do to avoid these additional toxins and keep it clean in the bedroom?

Sliquid Organics merges plant based botanicals like hibiscus, green tea, & flax is chosen for its skin conditioning properties and is also made up from recycled materials! One of the safest plant based lubricants available, it does not contain artificial fragrances, dyes, preservatives or ingredients.

Sustain condoms promise fair trade latex condoms that are also vegan, cruelty-free and do not contain any harmful ingredients. Vaginas are the most absorbent part of the female body - what we put in it, and on it..matters. And it matters a lot. Commercial brand condoms are often made from animal byproducts and contains harmful ingredients that can lead to certain cancers.

Sustain doesn't just stop at natural condoms, they create non-toxic tampons as well. Commercial brand tampons like Playtex are made from genetically modified cotton that is sprayed with pesticides like glyphosate. On top of that, the cotton


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