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Top 5 Ways to Boost Your Immune System

As we welcome in the colder weather, it is essential that we keep our bodies natural defenses up - that means nourishing our highly coveted immune system. Since our environment and surroundings are often compromised, over the counter pharmaceuticals and medications available to us can be more harmful then good, so - we have to take our health and wellness in our own hands and provide our body with the tools needed to prevent colds, illnesses and any diseases.

The immune system has a vital role: it protects your body from harmful substances, germs and cell changes that could make you sick. Our immune system is made up of various organs, cells and proteins.

Drink ginger tea daily!

  • Ginger contains antibacterial properties that help fight off common cold symptoms and strengthen digestion for maximum absorption of vitamins + nutrients form our meals. We are what we eat yes, but more importantly - we are what we digest. Ginger tea helps to strengthen our digestive fire, and digestive organs to ensure proper nutrient absorption from the nourishing foods we eat. I use Lily Choi's Ginger Power, it's convenient, handmade and incredibly potent. I drink it daily between 9AM - 11AM for maximum benefits.

Incorporate herbal supplements daily!

  • Elderberry syrup, oregano oil, and black seed oil are powerful, natural herbal supplements to incorporate in your daily regimen! Without the harmful toxins, preservatives or even added sugars to most over-the-counter vitamins - it is also best to return to nature for it's healing capabilities.

  • The elderberry flower contains powerful antioxidants and vitamins that boost your immune system, tames inflammation, lessens stress and prevents flu + cold symptoms. I use Organic Olivia's Elderberry Immune Elixir, it is quality sourced ingredients, delicious and I love supporting a fellow Queen in business!

  • Oregano oil is one of my favorite, and most potent remedies. Just a small drop in water or tea and this herbal oil is guaranteed to knock out any early symptoms you feel creeping on! I use this wild crafted Oregano Oil from North American Herb and Spice - I find it to be highly potent, and effective. Just one drop goes a long way!

Daily movement!

  • It is so important to incorporate daily movement to achieve (and sustain) optimal health and wellness. Breaking a sweat helps to release unwanted toxins from the body, movement helps to keep our blood circulating and keeps our lymphatic system functioning to assist in proper fluid drainage, and exercise also elevates our mood by stimulating natural endorphin and serotonin production in our brain.

A 3 Day Juice Cleanse!

  • A monthly or seasonal juice cleanse will flush your body with antioxidants, antibacterial + anti-inflammatory properties that will boost your immune system, keep your mood elevated + allow your digestive system to take a much needed break.

your body consumes over 190oz of fresh,

organic fruit and vegetable juice which can restore your bodies pH balance, combat sugar

cravings, and kickstart your tastebuds to crave high vibrational, plant based foods.

Cultivate a Spiritual Practice

Health is not just what we eat, it is a combination of our daily choices, thoughts, habits and

interactions. Cultivating a spiritual practice, whether that's practicing gratitude, sitting in

stillness or incorporating a gentle yoga flow or breathing exercises is an essential building

block to achieve (and sustain) optimal health and wellness.

I find for myself, taking a few moments in

the AM after I rise - to stretch my body, do

a gentle yoga flow to wake up my organs,

sit in stillness to tune in to myself and set

an intention for the day helps to keep me

grounded and aware of my body's needs.

Carve out time for yourself, find what

allows you to feel connected to your body

to sharpen your intuition and thus fine

tune your relationship to your body; what foods, movements relationships, thoughts make

you feel your best.

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