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Mango-Turmeric Smoothie Bowl

Issa mango-turmeric smoothie bowl 💛celebrate life, health and nourishment with this deliciously light and nutritious smoothie. this recipe can be a smoothie, or added to a bowl to make for breakfast or an afternoon pick me up, OR dessert. versatile recipes are my fave - and i know you will LOVE this recipe!

Mango-Turmeric Smoothie Bowl


•one ripe banana

•frozen mango chunks

•frozen pineapple

•frozen sliced peaches

•turmeric powder

•hemp seeds

•almond milk + a sprinkle blk pep. for turmeric absorption ⚡️


-add all ingredients to high speed blender, blend + enjoy!

sending you + your immune systems lots of love, keep your thoughts in alignment, your body moving and stay connected to yOur loved ones. i believe this is all happening for a greater reason, let’s be patient + remember the power of our thoughts + our intentions.


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