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DIY Lip Scrub

The Clean Chick's DIY Lip Scrub

With the cold weather, our skin tends to get flaky, dry and just overall difficult to keep moisturized! Therefore, it is SO important to exfoliate daily or at least weekly to keep your skin fresh and rejuvenated.

Now..we exfoliate our skin, but we so often neglect our lips! That's right! Our lips need to be exfoliated as well. Lip scrubs sold in stores are often so expensive, and loaded with chemicals and artificial ingredients you shouldn't put anywhere near your skin..especially your lips!

If you can make it, why buy it? Check out this super simple and highly effective lip scrub you can make yourself!

The Clean Chick's DIY Lip Scrub


-2 tbsp coconut sugar (brown sugar works as well)

-1 tsp olive oil

-1 tsp honey

-sprinkle of cinnamon for scent (and taste!)


-Mix well in a small bowl

-Gently massage mixture into lips (rub lips together for deep exfoliation)

-Lick some off if you'd's non-toxic and you made it so it's totally allowed! :)


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