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Chocolate Almond-Butter Cups

sweet tooth during quarantine? i got you covered, fam. whipped up my famous almond butter cups, and it will satisfy your cravings.


(makes 12)

•1 c. melted coconut oil

•5 heaping tbsp. of unsweetened cacao powder

•4 tbsp. of raw honey / maple syrup

•creamy almond butter *or any nut butter


-simply mix coconut oil, cacao powder + honey/maple syrup together

-in baking cups, pour a spoonful your homemade chocolate in (half should be leftover as a topping)

-set in freezer for ~10min

-add 1/2 tablespoon almond butter to each baking cup

-with remaining chocolate, pour on top of almond butter and set in freezer for another ~10 min

-give thanks + ENJOY!

cacao is an excellent source of magnesium, iron and is a natural mood enhancer. cacao opens up the heart chakra, helps us to release negative emotions and helps reconnect us to love; our pure heart energy. there’s a reason why lovers gift each other chocolate. 😉 sending y’all love + high vibrations.


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