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CBD Coconut-Cashew Bites

if y’all need to chillTF out with some nourishing, superfood guilt-free sweets, these lil bb’s are sure to do the trick. easy to make, delicious + nutritious.

CBD 🌱also known as cannabidiol, relieves anxiety, depression, muscle/joint pain, inflammation, improves sleep, and has proven to inhibit the growth of tumor cells.


•1 c. medjool dates (remove the pits)

•1 c. cashews

•1 c. coconut flakes

•1/4 c. goji berries

•2 tbsp. almond butter

•1/4 tsp. pink salt

•2 full droppers of CBD oil (i use Heirloom Selects CBD)


combine all ingredients in a food processor and a mix on high speed for ~2-3 min.

Use the code CHICK15 for 15% off Heirloom Selects products! They even have CBD for pets 🐾 check out their page to enter their newest giveaway - only 24hrs left to enter! sending y’all love + peace of the body + mind.

Hope you all try this recipe, and enjoy! Share your creations with me by using the hashtag, #TheCleanEatingChick!



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