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Breakfast Just Got A Whole Lot Sexier: Acai Bowl Recipe

I have had an obsession with acai bowls for quite some time now. I never got around to learning or exploring just how to make my own, and after now understanding just how EASY they are to make on your own..I’ve found a new way to make my breakfast sexy again! Especially as the weather gets warmer, there is nothing more refreshing than a deliciously filling acai bowl.

Okay, so what is acai? Well, it is a berry native to South and Central America. Many studies have shown acai berries have higher antioxidants levels then cranberries, raspberries, blueberries, and blackberries. Antioxidants are essential for optimal health in fighting off and prevent free radicals to cause diseases like cancer and diabetes in our bodies. The acai berry is also used in make-up and beauty products because of it’s naturally high antioxidant levels and natural skin benefits.  Acai berries are a great fruit to incorporate into your lifestyle, whether in your daily smoothies or as an occasional breakfast bowl – like this one!

Benefits of Acai Berries: -Naturally low in sugar but contain high amounts of iron, calcium, fiber and vitamin A

-Contain anthocyanin compounds such as resveratrol (which is the active ingredient in red wine that has been shown to help prevent heart disease) and they contain 10-30x more anthocyanin power than red wine

-They contain cyaniding and ferulic acid, which contributes to their rich color and the flavonoids found in the berries help product the body against damaging, disease causing free radicals

-Beneficial fatty acids such as oleic acid, which is the same oil found in olive oil, and strong levels of dietary fiber that help keep our body functioning properly

-The properties contained in acai berries can treat and prevent common health problems that plague this country such as arthritis, inflammation, obesity, erectile dysfunction, neurological diseases (like Alzheimer’s), and seasonal allergies

-Lab studies have shown them to have positive effects on ailments associated with oxidate stress, heart disease and cancer

So, now let’s get to the good, tasty stuff!

Acai Bowl Recipe: Ingredients:

-2 tbsp Acai berry powder -handful of organic blueberries -1 frozen bananas -1 tbsp maple syrup -1/2 cup homemade almond milk -1 tbsp chia seeds

Directions: 1. Add frozen banana, almond milk, maple syrup, 1 tbsp of acai berry powder to food processor 2. Combine and mix 3. While it’s mixing, add the additional tablespoon of the acai berry powder 4. Mix for 1-2 minutes or until well combined 5. Pour into bowl and add desired toppings 6. DEVOUR!

Place frozen bananas, blueberries, almond milk and maple syrup in food processor

Add chia seeds to make mixture firm

Add 1 tbsp of acai berry powder mixture

Then combine in food processor, while mixing add additional tbsp of acai berry powder

Mix for about 1-2 minutes

Pour into bowl and add whatever toppings you make like!

Optional Topping Ingredients: -Chia Seeds -Hemp Seeds -Cacao Nibs -Sliced fruit


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