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Berry-Bee Breakfast Bowl

BREAKFAST! The first meal to set the tone of the day; to prepare your mind, body and soul to kick the day’s ass!

This breakfast takes three minutes to throw together and is a great source of antioxidants, protein, and promotes a strong immune system – what more could you ask for in a breakfast?

Berry-Bee Breakfast Bowl

Ingredients: -Coconut milk yogurt *I used So Deliciousbrand / or you can use Kite Hill almond milk yogurt* -2 tablespoons of local bee pollen -2 tablespoons of hemp seeds -1 tablespoon Bob’s Red Mill gluten-free oats -top with berry or fruit of your choice 📷

Why coconut milk yogurt vs. dairy? Not only is dairy unethically sourced, the horrors of factory farming are real and images of the farm conditions and treatment of the animals there is enough to make me never want to give a dime to the dairy industry – dairy is also unhealthy for humans. Most of us are lactose intolerant; dairy is an inflammatory agent as well, linked to all sorts of chronic illness.

It is best to avoid dairy completely, simply begin by replacing dairy products with healthier (and more delicious!) alternatives. 


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