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Sriracha-Ginger Chickpeas


I am a huge fan of anything spicy, anything sriracha, and anything ginger. Naturally, I incorporated my love for those two things with my obsession for chickpeas (also known as..garbanzo beans!).

So, where do you get your protein? To that I answer – chickpeas are an excellent source of plant-based protein. Just one cup of uncooked chickpeas yields 39 grams of protein, 78% of the recommended daily intake! One cup of cooked chickpeas gets you 15 grams of protein!

In addition to making an excellent source of protein, chickpeas are also rich in dietary fiber. Fiber rich foods help balance and maintain weight, and support a healthy digestive system and even can provide constipation relief. A cup of cooked chickpeas provides 12.5 grams of fiber — half of the daily fiber intake recommendation for women or one-third of of the daily fiber recommendation for men, according to the Linus Pauling Institute.

Plus, chickpeas contain manganese and folate. The mineral manganese helps support bone development and helps boost your metabolism. One cup of chickpeas contains 1.7 milligrams of manganese, approximately 94% of the daily recommended intake for women, or 74% of the RDA for men, according to the Linus Pauling Institute. Folate, or vitamin B-9, aids in new cell growth and brain cell communication and protects against genetic mutations that contribute to cancer development! Eating a cup of chickpeas provides you with 282 micrograms of folate, or 71 percent of your daily folate requirements, according to the NYU Langone Medical Center.

Need I say more? 

So, when I was craving a hearty yet light lunch (I’m such a libra..) I decided to whip up some spicy chickpeas and use some romaine lettuce I had in my fridge to make a mock taco. Hearty yet light, I think I nailed it.

Sriracha-Ginger Spiced Chickpeas Ingredients: -1 can organic BPA-free chickpeas -1 tbsp organic coconut oil -1-2 tbsp sriracha sauce -1 tsp ginger powder -pink salt & pepper

Directions: -Saute coconut oil and chickpeas over medium heat in pan -Add all ingredients in small bowl, mix and add to chickpeas -Cook for about 5-7 min and stir! -DEVOUR!


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