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REIKI: Energy Healing Through Touch Therapy

Reiki healing was an energy practice my mother found comfort and ease in when she was diagnosed with colon cancer. It helped her relaxed amidst the stress of endless doctor visits and treatments, reiki helped her reach a deeper state of rest and relaxation during the uncertainty of her diagnosis and provided her such relief within her own body that at times she would tell me didn’t feel like her own anymore.

I have made it my mission to learn and be able to offer the practices that brought relief to my mom so I could share this knowledge and create a space of healing with and for others.

In a personal effort to learn about the holistic healing modalities available to alleviate stress, regulate our nervous system and provide a deeper sense of embodiment – I decided to receive training in reiki healing in 2021.

What is reiki?

Reiki is a holistic art that uses gentle touch and hand movements on or over the client to improve the flow and balance of energy through the body. This healing modality helps channel the body's self healing abilities and has many benefits for both physical and emotional health.

Reiki is not an energetic transfer. Me as the reiki practitioner is simply tapping in to the universal energy that is available to each of us and acting as a conduit to provide that energy to you – my hands act as the channel for that energy. You are not receiving energy from me the practitioner, and me as the practitioner is not receiving energy from you.

Benefits of Reiki:

  • Boosts immune system

  • Restores balances to the body’s cells and DNA

  • Soothes and regulates the nervous system

  • Returns the body to a state of relaxation

  • Reduces stress

  • Helps to relieve anxiety

  • Reduce pain and tension in the body

  • Reduces inflammation in the muscle and joints

  • Boosts overall mood

  • Improves quality of sleep

  • Strengthens digestion

  • Removes emotional and energetic blockages

  • Clears stagnant energy to meridians / energetic channels throughout the body

  • Helps to resolve emotional distress

Since receiving my certification in Level I and Level II Reiki training, the experiences with my clients have been profound. Many reach a deep state of meditation and access the “in between” state, the space where you are not fully awake but not fully asleep – the space where true rest and receptivity can occur.

Many clients I have worked with have experienced deep relaxation, improved sleep, improved clarity and focus, profound visions and imagery, vivid colors, symbolism, and even familiar feelings of loved ones who have passed.

If you’re interested in booking a reiki session with me in person in Queens or over Zoom, head over to my Services page.

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