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Sound healing is a way to deepen relaxation, be present in your body, elevate your mind and is beneficial for your overall emotional and physical wellbeing. This form of alternative medicine uses instruments, music, and vibrations to heal as well as calm the body, mind, and spirit. This practice has been used for thousands of years and thankfully, very easy to integrate into your daily wellness regimen.

Sound baths are a healing modality that is very near and dear to my heart. I began my own experience with sound healing in 2012, when I attended my first sound bath in Los Angeles, California with a friend of mine. It was a fully immersive experience with live gongs, singing bowls, ocean drums, facilitated by a beautiful soul named Ana, and seven other sound healers.

I remember feeling relaxed, so deeply tuned into my emotional body, that for the first time -- my mind went quiet and I was experiencing what I could only interpret as a sober psychedelic experience with vivid colors, dreamy images, and gentle downloads I was receiving from a power greater than I could imagine.

Benefits of Sound Healing

Mental / Emotional Health:

  • lower stress

  • helps achieve state of relaxation

  • release blocked emotions

Physical Health

  • relieve chronic pain

  • improves sleep

  • lower cholesterol

  • lower risk of heart disease

  • lower blood pressure

Spiritual Health

  • improves energy

  • open, clear and balance chakras

When our body experiences stress, there is a rise in cortisol and adrenaline which weakens our immune system making us more vulnerable to illness and disease. Sound healing releases the body's' 'feel good chemicals”, such as serotonin, dopamine, and oxytocin, that promotes a positive effect on one's mind, mood, and body.

Ways to implement into daily routines

Pairing sound healing with a habit that you already do daily can be the first and easiest way to start your sound healing journey. Incorporating it as you fall asleep, go on a walk or while in the shower can be the first step. You can also add it into your already existing wellness routine. As you meditate, do a yoga flow, journal, or any other self care practices.


I feel so blessed and honored to offer my love for sound and to begin to facilitate these experiences in Queens, New York.


Here is a playlist curated by a sound healer master that has been a huge source of inspiration to me on my own healing journey with sound and healing frequencies, Ana Netanel. She hosts her Shakti Sound Bath experiences in Malibu, CA and throughout Hawaii.

Find a quiet space, get comfortable, dress warm, lay on the ground, as close to the earth as possible, spread out, take up space, and allow the soothing sounds take over.


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