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Meet the Ingredient: LEMONS!

LEMONS! Such a simple but effective ingredient for clean living. Starting each day with lemon water (warm water with half a lemon or whole squeezed) awakens the organs for the day and prepares digestive system for the days work! If there was one simple thing I would recommend each of you to try it’s lemon water!

Alkalizes the Body Warm lemon water in the beginning of the day (or anytime of the day- just make sure to drink it everyday!) alkalizes the body preventing any creation of illness or disease. We all know that it has been scientifically proven that cancer grows in an ACIDIC environment so it is extremely important to continue to alkaline our body.

Promotes a healthy immune system Lemons are an excellent source of vitamin C. Our immune systems don’t get enough love in this western day and age and instead of taking a highly processed vitamin C supplement try getting your daily dose from a more natural to the earth source..LEMONS!

Reduces Inflammation Lemon water intake on a daily basis decreases your body’s acidity removes uric acid in your joints which is one of the main causes behind inflammation.

Reduces Anxiety and Depression Lemon water provides your body with energy as soon as it enters your digestive system. It awakens the body and mind, it has even been proven that just the scent of lemons can be very calming to people who suffer from anxiety. Lemon water is also a great replacement of coffee!! Try it!!

Lemons make for a SAFE home cleaning product Have you read some of the ingredients in Windex, Clorox and Lysol?! Don’t recognize any of them, me neither? And certain ingredients in those products have been linked to neurological disorders! You don’t want to clean your house with chemicals right?! Try a combination of lemon and vinegar as a natural  disinfectant for home cleaning!


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