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Meet the Ingredient: Seamoss

Meet..SEAMOSS. ✨💛

about nine years ago i was introduced to seamoss by a beautiful soul named Jubes.

Jubes was from Jamaica 🇯🇲 and had a deep love for nutrition and wellness. he was also in his seventies and had the energy of a teenager. he shared his passion through a smoothie and juice bar he co-owned in Valley Stream, LI. i would visit Jubes every weekend for a shot of wheatgrass and a juice. one day he shared this “golden sea vegetable” that he said was the secret to youth, longevity and health. game changer. he would make me a delicious chocolate-seamoss smoothie, and i was hooked from the jump.

it was early on in my journey of exploring plant medicine, and changing my lifestyle. i owe so much of my interest and what i know about seamoss from Jubes. he was the man. 💘

✨Benefits of Seamoss✨

The human body is made up of 102 minerals and Irish Moss contains 92 of them. ✔️

-supports the oxygenation of cells

-improves nutrient absorption -boosts immunity

-increases energy

-excellent source of iodine, magnesium, B1 and B12

-reduces inflammation -relives muscle and joint pain

-nourishes skin, hair and nails

-reduces inflammation and eliminates mucous in the body

Seamoss Gel


-one dried packet of Seamoss (this is the brand i use from Amazon)

-filtered water


-rinse dried Seamoss extremely well, scrubbing residue from seamoss thoroughly

-in a large bowl, soak Seamoss in filtered water for 24hrs (change the water and rinse every 4-6 hours)

*Seamoss will plump up after 24hrs

-add soaked Seamoss to blender, with 32oz filtered water and blend for ~5 minutes

-store in glass jar and keep refrigerated, lasts up to 21 days



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