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Meet The Ingredient: Ginger

Updated: Jun 20, 2019

Meet Ginger!

You know, it’s the yellowish or sometimes pinkish stuff that comes next to your sushi! Well, don’t push it aside any longer! Ginger is by far the most beneficial root you can add to your daily lifestyle. Not only can you eat ginger, but you can make ginger tea, ginger garnish, and you can even juice ginger as well!

Benefits of Ginger:

-Powerful anti-viral properties

*Ginger is often referred to as nature’s Listerine! Due to its pretty potent taste & the tingly sensation people often feel in their mouths and throats after eating ginger is literally the feeling of the ginger killing bacteria in your mouth!

-Believed to be a strong anti-cancer

-Boosts the immune system

-Improves brain function (ever notice that the root sort of mimicks folds in the brain? Ginger = brain food)

-Maintains & normalizes blood circulation

-Reduces pain and inflammation (great addition for people suffering from muscle/joint pain)

-Fights common cold or flu-like symptoms

How to Use Ginger:

Ginger Tea:

Dice up ginger root, place in pot of water & bring to a boil; drain water into cup and voila! Ginger tea!

Ginger Juice:

Simply place cut up pieces of ginger and place in juicer!

Grate ginger over dishes!

If there is one ingredient you should begin to research, and utilize daily it is GINGER!



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