Cashew Carrot Ginger Soup

I know it is July and the weather is at an all time high. Especially in New York City, we’ve been experiencing a pretty hot and humid heatwave these last few days, but my body was CRAVING some warm soup! Typically during the hot months, I tend to eat a lot of “cooling” foods like cucumbers, celery, watermelon, even spinach is considered cooling in Chinese Medicine. Following this method can help with your inner temperature, and even help your body stay cool if you are sensitive to the warmer temperature. Despite all of this, I was craving some soup so I decided to listen to my body, (as always!) and raid my refrigerator to see what soup I could create.

Based on what I had in my kitchen, I decided to create a Cashew Ginger Carrotsoup. Tastes even better than it sounds! The cashews give the soup a nice hearty base, while the carrot gives us added nutritional value and a beautifully vibrant color, and the ginger gives us a nice spicy bite to it.

Carrots contains high levels of carotenoids which has been know to decrease chances of breast cancer by 20%! Researchers have also found that carrot juice can even decrease other cancers like colon, prostate, lung, cervix and bladder cancers by 50%!  Carrots are also perfect liver fuel. Our livers are probably the most important organ in our bodies, without a properly functioning, healthy liver, our body cannot detoxify our bodies leading to all sorts of diseases.